Weymouth station redevelopment letter

I ADMIRE Councilor Orrell for being a Green Councilor, but his comments in Saturday’s Echo need to be put into context.

He refers to an integrated hub for public transport “as they have done in Poole”.

However, in Poole there is a good walk from the bus station to the rail station, unlike in Bournemouth where trains, buses and coaches all depart alongside each other.

Even Swanage manages to place its bus station next to the historic railway station. It refers to all bus services stopping at Weymouth station, but this is simply not practical due to the layout of Weymouth’s roads.

For example, buses coming from Portland cannot stop at the train station because then they cannot turn right from King Street to reach King’s Statue, where the majority of passengers want to get off.

It would be a simple improvement if Councilor Orrell had National Express coaches terminate at the station, rather than on the Esplanade opposite Marks & Spencer, where there are no passenger facilities.

Finally, Councilor Orrell wants regular public transit options that allow people to not drive.

Unfortunately, some people would give up food instead of their car. Maybe if all councilors used public transport instead of their car, it would set a good example for everyone else.

David Chalk

Trade Road, Weymouth

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James H. Wright