The surroundings of Hereford station are going to be transformed – here’s how

THE area around Hereford stations is being transformed thanks to millions of pounds of government funding.

German artist Lothar Götz has produced two monumental and vibrant geometric works of art for the area around the approach to No 1 station, next to the station, the Hereford College of Arts has said.

They are displayed at either end of Hereford College of Arts and the new NMiTE student accommodation.

Then, several flags designed by the artist will also be placed by station n°1 Approach on Wednesday June 15th.

UK-based Götz’s intervention will be the first of four bold new public art commissions from the site over four years.

There will also be an additional pavilion installation during the summer.

Examples of Geometric Works by Lothar Götz


The No 1 Station Approach facility is one of 14 projects in Hereford that have been made possible by a successful £22.4million bid to the Stronger Towns Fund.

Lauren Rogers, Stronger Hereford Board Member, said: “I think having such eye-catching public art in a prominent place – a gateway into the city – is a source of inspiration. inspiration, which hopefully sparks creativity and more contemporary public art.

“Art helps us reflect on who we are and who we want to be. I am extremely proud that the application of the Hereford Towns Fund was able to support this work.

The works will be officially launched on Wednesday, June 15.


The event will include a discussion with the artist on the College Road campus of Hereford College of Arts.

Abigail Appleton, Principal of Hereford College of Arts and President of Stronger Hereford, said: “Public art is a wonderful way to signal and celebrate our city’s present and future creativity.

“I am delighted that we are launching the delivery of Hereford City’s visionary investment plan with such bold and dynamic work.”

Free tickets can be reserved through the Meadow Arts website

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James H. Wright