New Clinton Station Means Faster, More Frequent Service

CLINTON, Conn. (WTNH) – The new Shoreline East station is officially open now in Clinton. The improvements are more than cosmetic; they will allow for more trains on weekdays and faster rail service in the region.

“This is a significant upgrade, more befitting the model, more befitting what you’ve seen at other stations in the state,” Clinton City Manager Karl Kilduff said.

The new station comes as a nearby former industrial site is being transformed.

“Phase one involves a number of available housing units directly opposite the station,” Kilduff said. “Easily accessible by public transport, including bus, and now the new and improved train station behind us.”

The new station looks great, but it had to be redone for a very important reason. Previously, there was only one platform, so trains arriving on a set of tracks had to let people down the train’s built-in stairs onto a platform at ground level, which was time-consuming. time and was difficult for people with disabilities. The new station has platforms on both sides.

“It means we’re going to run more trains here because we now have the ability to not waste time with the time it takes to get down a flight of stairs onto a lower level platform,” said the Connecticut Transportation Commissioner. said Joe Giulietti.

More train types will now be able to use the station. These improvements will allow the number of weekday trains on Shoreline East to more than double, from 11 to 23.

However, train ridership is not what it used to be. More people are riding on weekends, but weekday commuter trains are still only half as full as before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the high gas price could change that.

“We know that public transit is always a good option, but it’s an especially attractive option when gas prices are rising,” said State Sen. Will Haskell (D-Westport), chairman of the committee. transport to the Senate.

The hope is that more frequent and more convenient trains will entice people to ride them again.

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James H. Wright