Huge crowds at Cardiff station as thousands of Ed Sheeran fans alight and some unable to enter


Fans leaving the Ed Sheeran concert said they were unable to board their train at Cardiff Central Station due to the large crowds.

Although the feedback from the concert itself was overwhelmingly positive, the journey to and from the event angered some people attending the concert. Footage from outside the station shows thousands of people even waiting to enter. However, although many people expressed frustration, others praised Transport for Wales for handling the crowds.

Abi Bawden had attended the event and was stuck in the crowd trying to enter. She tweeted directly to GWR saying, “Seriously? Selling tickets for a service you cannot commit to. hour for a train and no one came. Thousands of people in the queue without the staff saying anything. Absolute prank, don’t take people’s money. You can get more traffic and travel news and other story updates by subscribing to our newsletters here.

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She told WalesOnline: “It was a shambles. We ended up taking a train to a different station miles from where we needed to go just to get out of the city centre. Honestly, that was the worst The app was telling me the trains were on time, there were no trains, I didn’t move for an hour! I ended up taking the last train back to Parkway in Bristol, miles from where I was supposed to go. They didn’t even check my tickets, so I might not have paid.”

This video was taken outside the station:

There were, however, a few tweets of support for the rail company, including this one:

Carol Gladwin was unimpressed, adding, “We ended up going back to our Airbnb, three miles away…but at least walking was an option for us. I’ve never seen anything like it!”

Shaun Richards replied, “I was one of them! Waiting two hours in the freezing cold after watching Ed Sheeran, they even turned people away and escorted people to and from the washrooms.”

And Elliot Luke tweeted at Transport for Wales saying: ‘Currently crammed on a Transport for Wales train where I can only stand in one direction without washing the line at the lady behind me. Absolute joke.’ – You can read more stories about Cardiff here.

TfW responded to Elliot saying there were ‘10,000 more people than last night’ adding ‘We are doing our best to get all of our customers home’.

Asked by several passengers why they would not have anticipated the increase in ridership, Transport for Wales said it had a limited number of cars due to an incident. He wrote: “We had expected services to be busier but are 4 cars short following Sunday’s Craven Arms incident. We are working with our industry partners to find additional trains available to cover damaged units. .”

A Transport for Wales spokeswoman said: “Tens of thousands of passengers traveled on our services for the Ed Sheeran concert and other major network events yesterday without major incident or incident. security event reported.We would like to thank our passengers for their good cooperation with our queuing system and with our teams who managed to ensure that passengers move as quickly and safely as possible through the station.

“We are currently facing capacity constraints and some of our trains remain out of service due to an incident at Craven Arms earlier this week. We were extremely relieved that this incident was not more serious – the impact of this serious criminal act will, however, continue to be felt for some time to come. “We are working with our industry partners to find additional trains available to cover damaged units, and hope to be able to announce a temporary arrangement soon. In the meantime , we advise customers to check before traveling and use our Capacity Checker – an online tool that allows customers to see which trains are likely to have the most space available.

A GWR spokesman said: “We operated 13 additional services from Cardiff Central after last night’s concert, delivering over 8,000 seats. All but one of these services ran on time.

“Transport for Wales operates a queuing system for big ticket events at the Principality Stadium which is well advertised in advance. This is a proven and reliable crowd control system. 11:45 p.m., the majority of customers had boarded the trains and the platforms at the station were flowing freely.”

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