Governor Lamont breaks ground on new station at Windsor Locks


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Governor Lamont breaks ground on new station at Windsor Locks

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont joined state and local officials today to officially open a new station and road and track safety improvement project at Windsor Locks. Located in the city’s downtown area adjacent to the historic old train station, the new station will complement ongoing economic development initiatives in the city’s transit-oriented development area.

The governor was joined at the event by Connecticut Department of Transportation Commissioner Joe Giulietti, Amtrak Assistant Vice President for Infrastructure Access and Investment Tom Moritz, Windsor’s No. 1 pick Locks, Paul Harrington, members of the Connecticut building trades and other state and local officials. This is the first railroad station project in Connecticut to include a project work agreement and a workforce apprenticeship program.

“We continually hear from businesses large and small, and residents that they want to be near public transportation that provides convenient options for commuting,” Governor Lamont said. “This new station is going to be a real engine of economic activity in Windsor Locks. In fact, when the developers were looking to renovate the old Montgomery Mill, they knew their investment was worth it because of our plans to create this new station a short distance away. The Hartford line has been a success story for Connecticut since its launch four years ago, and I remain committed to making further improvements to our state’s railroad service. The grand opening of this new station at Windsor Locks is just another step in meeting our infrastructure needs and expanding amenities on our heavily used rail lines.

The new station will include a raised platform to allow level boarding of each train car. Connections to the Canal Trail via Bridge Street will be established as part of the project. Bus connections to Bradley International Airport will continue. In addition, apart from the construction of the station, road safety and track improvement projects will be underway. Resolving track issues allows for future track expansion on the Hartford line north of Hartford. The total cost of the project is estimated at $87.14 million, of which $59.11 million was approved by the State Bond Commission in 2020. Additional funds include a $17.49 million grant from the Federal Railroad Administration and an estimated contribution of $10.54 million from Amtrak, owner of the track. . The project is expected to be completed in the summer of 2025.

“It is through the relationships and partnerships we have at the local, state and federal level that we can move this project forward,” Commissioner Giulietti said. “Thank you to Governor Lamont, the FRA, Amtrak, our Congressional delegation and the State Legislature. We worked together and moved this project forward. Through Governor Lamont’s commitments outlined in TIME FOR CT, we will continue to bring more service, faster trains and additional amenities to Connecticut rail passengers.

“Windsor Locks infrastructure upgrade highlights the future of this city’s rail service with a new station, the addition of a second track and improved traffic signaling equipment and railroads to promote more efficient and safer movement of people and goods, improve regional rail travel, and improve rail connections in New England,” Tom Moritz, Amtrak Assistant Vice President, Infrastructure Access and Investment, said. “This is an exciting time for Connecticut, with so many improvements already underway or underway, including at Windsor Locks, and Amtrak is excited to play a part in this with CTDOT, Governor Lamont, FRA , Senators Murphy and Blumenthal, and other federal and local partners.

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