Bike explodes after being thrown onto station tracks in terrifying video

Footage has emerged of an explosion at Sidcup station last night (April 19) after a bicycle was thrown onto the train tracks. Police were called to South London station at 6.45pm after the explosion caused a fire on the tracks.

The video shows an altercation between three individuals taking place on the other side of the platform before one individual grabs the bike and throws it onto the platform. Instantly, a ball of fire emerged on the train tracks, shocking onlookers on the other side of the platform.

A British Transport Police spokesperson said: ‘British Transport Police were called to Sidcup station at 6.45pm yesterday (April 19) following reports of an altercation and a bicycle thrown onto the tracks. Investigations into this incident are ongoing. Anyone with information can contact BTP by texting 61016 or calling 0800 40 50 40 quoting reference 523 of 19/04/22.”

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A bike thrown onto the tracks at Sidcup station explodes in a huge spark

It is believed that the strong electrical currents in the train tracks caused the metal bike to cause a large spark and fire after hitting the track. The metal of the bicycle could have reacted with the high levels of electricity on the track, which allows the trains to move easily, and the explosion would have been caused by an electric spark.

The strong electric current could damage objects that have fallen onto the track and that is why travelers are advised not to cross the train tracks between the platforms.

Network Railway’s station safety guide states: “Every year people are killed while trespassing on the railway. Never walk on the rails. Lines can be electrified and trains can approach at high speed. If you drop something, contact a member of staff.”

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